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It’s amazing how much everything’s changed over the course of my life. Nature in general, historical landmarks and structures, and small business have diminished quite a bit to give way to corporate America, especially in areas around Austin like my hometown of Pflugerville. When I drive through there now, I see but a shadow of what it used to be… of what I loved so much about the town where I grew up. Where there were once quiet country back roads, there are now massive new toll roads; where there were beautiful endless farm fields in the horizon as far as the eye could see, there are now corporate juggernauts like Walmart Supercenters obstructing the scenery.

As much as Austin has changed too, I do give this city quite a bit of credit in not selling out completely like its surrounding suburbs have. The heart of what has always been Austin still remains, an open community very accepting of just about anyone and everyone. Austin is a liberal oasis in Texas… it always has been. Back when the state of Texas was voting on whether or not to separate from the Union and join the Confederacy, Travis County (Austin’s home county) was one of only two counties to vote against it.

The Austin community has rejected, time and time again, almost any project that would destabilize or damage the surrounding area and environment. I absolutely love the fact that Austin has a wide array of areas all around that preserve nature and native wildlife. Many of the parks here are utterly breathtaking!